For making Wet Granules, Dry Granules, Fluidized Granules, Tablet, Tablet Coating, Pallets, Pallet Coating, Liquid Syrup and Ointment/ Cream/ Gel/ Tooth paste are as following flow process Line for Research and Development (R&D) and Pilot scale production for 1 Kg to 10 Kg. Batch Size..
(1) Wet Granulation, Tabletting & Coating can be done by following wet mixing methods.
Powder- Row Material
Grading & sieving Process (Machine – Vibro Sifter)
Dry & Wet mixing with binder (Machine –High Shear Mixer OR Mass Mixer) Starch Paste Preparation (Machine-Paste Making Kettle)
Lumps Milling (Machine Multi mill / Cone Mill/Comminuting Mill / Oscillating Granulator)
Material Drying (Machine - Fluid Bed Drier OR Tray Dryer Oven)
Forming Granules (M/c Multi mill / Cone Mill/Comminuting Mill / Oscillating Granulator)
Grading & sieving (Machine – Vibro Sifter)
Lubrication of granules for free flowing (M/c Blender Octagonal / Double & V Cone, Bin)
Tablet Compression (Machine – Tablet Press & Die & Punch) Tablet De Dusting (Machine – Vibro De Duster) Powder dust extracting during tablet compression (Dust Extractor Unit)
Film & Sugar Coating of tablets (Machine – Auto Coater or Conventional coating) Coating solution preparation (Machine – Stirrer & Colloid Mill)
After That Tablets will be inspected and Packed